Look at the Positives

Only went running once this week and I am not pleased about it.

Work has been crazy this week. On Wednesday I put in an 11 hour day and I missed my training program workout.  Tuesday was our monthly staff meeting, which means Happy Hour and poor food choices.

I have been following this pattern for a while now: work out for a month or so, eat healthy and then something happens…  Something like unhealthy eating binge or an injury or lack of noticeable improvements and I revert back to my old ways. I tend to get down on myself and give up.

Well I am determined not to do that this time!

Since I am feeling down about this today, I am going to list some of the positives of this week (however small!):

  • Ran 10k under my goal time without stopping to walk
  • Got Steamed Chicken and Veggies for lunch instead of usual Hunan Beef on Friday
  • Ran 4.5 miles on Tuesday in the morning
  • Walked at lunch twice this week
  • Ate small piece of office cake
  • Bought 2 new vegetables at the grocery store – Brussel sprouts and Thai eggplant

Last night, I book a cruise for January! In 31 days I will be on a boat in the Caribbean. Meaning, I will have to wear a bikini in 31 days also…. What good motivation!



Hi! I may be the least motivated person around. I am a 20-something working at my first job in the Computer industry. Just trying to get motivated in life - fitness, health, school, work and every day tasks

2010 Race Schedule:
3/7 - Disney Princess Half Marathon - DONE! 2:10:29
4/25 - Pike's Peek 10k
6/15 - Baltimore 10 miler
10/16 - Baltimore Half Marathon



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