Trying the Food Blogging Thing

First and foremost, Food Blogging is not for me. Why?

  1. I am not a good photographer, most of my food photos turn out yellow and unappetizing.
  2. Most of the food I make looks unappetizing anyway, as I am not a great cook.
  3. I am forgetful and tend to forget things like cameras, cables and taking pictures.

But as a trial, I am going to use the blog as my food diary to really visualize what I am eating.  I have been have been trying to take off some poundage for a few months now and  have actually gained!  I know I am not working as hard as I could be but it is starting to get discouraging.

To start off today, I forgot my camera (remembered the cable!) and to take a picture of the hard boiled egg I ate first…

For Breakfast: (Pictures thanks to my Blackberry!)

****Insert picture of perfect hard boiled egg here!! *****

A large cup of iced coffee with Half &Half for the caffeine jolt!

And what I have termed the ‘Anti-Boyfriend’.  This is a banana with 1 tbsp each  TJ’s Raw Almond Butter and Nutella stuffed inside.

So named because my boyfriend is allergic to everyone of those ingredients (bananas and tree nuts!)

I usually end up eating breakfast at my desk or in the car because I am perpetually running late.  And I am not hungry until I have been up for an hour or so.  I once read that you should try to eat within the first hour of waking up.  I NEVER want to eat then but maybe I will try this the rest of the week.  A small meal may stabilize the blood sugar. and not make me so snacky in the morning…


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