My not so favorite day

Fridays are my least favorite day of the work week.  Luckily I only work every other Friday!!  My office does a compressed work schedule, meaning we work one extra hour a day (9 hours) and get one day every 2 weeks off.

Since half the office is off one Friday and the other half is off the next, there is a large push to finish everything by Thursday.   Leaving those in the office on Friday with not a lot to do.  Today has been extra slow for me, making the day drag  😦

So what do I do on a slow day? Well today, I get to study!!

The company I work for is big on professional certifications. I have been trying to get the Sun Certified Java Programmer for a while now…

Taken from Sun’s site – “This foundation certification is for programmers interested in demonstrating proficiency in the fundamentals of the Java programming language.”

AKA being a Java Ninja!!

Long story short – I took the training/exam last year and failed by one question 😦

Since then, I switched positions internally and this certification is completely irrelevant now.  Unfortunately,  I committed to taking it and have been putting it off because it costs $300. I do however,  get reimbursed (but not till I pass)

That book has been my constant companion the last few weeks.

I take the exam tomorrow at 11am!  I need to pass it by March, so yea I am coming down to the wire.  Plus if I don’t pass, that’s another $300 I have to shell out.

Cram Time!

Luckily because it’s work related, I can use study time as training time!

Lunch was a be a turkey and cheese wrap; I made it earlier in the week and wasn’t satisfied.  So when the office ordered Potbelly’s,  I just at the chance and got a Roast Beef on Wheat with hots, pickles and tomatoes.

Then I made the mistake of looking at the nutritional info on Potbelly’s site:

It wasn’t the calories that worried me or even the fat. It was the Sodium!!  81%?!?! Do they dump salt on the sandwich?? 8O

Since the order was already placed, not much could be done.  But I will remember this next time I eat out for lunch.

The sandwich was still yummy and I managed to get all of it down 😉

Following the sandwich, I had some cucumber slices, which are pictured with Hot & Spicy Cheez Its. My favorite! I didn’t eat them because I am still stuck on the sodium thing…

For dessert, there was a small square of dark chocolate.

Yum! Time to go sit in the massage chair and study more! (yes we have a massage chair at my office but I have only used it twice!)


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