Last long run!

I had such a nice  weekend!  On Friday, I trekked up to my parent’s house  because the testing center is 10 minutes from their house.  I also got to hang out with my sick sister! And by hang out I mean sit far across the room from her! I am not getting sick before my half marathon!

I also got to hang out with these guys!!

Moose, my 5 yr old Jack Russell, lives with may parents.

Abby is my roommates dog and came with me to visit this weekend!

My roommate usually takes Abby out at 5:30am on weekdays. So I was out of bed to walk these guys by 6:30am on Saturday! Then after a hearty breakfast and some last minute cramming, I was off to my exam.

I passed!

Yay!!!! I am so excited that I am finally done with this Certification and am now a Sun Certified Java Programmer!

Later that night, I trekked from Bmore to DC (a common occurrence!) to pick up my friend Then it was off to Alexandria for a birthday dinner at a Tapas restaurant!  Would have been nice if I remembered to take pictures… Still learning!

Luckily I was able to stay with my friend, since my last long run was 2 blocks from her.

I met up with my training group at 8am on Sunday.  The program is aimed at the National Marathon/Half Marathon so most of the group was doing a long run of either 14 or 22 miles.   I was scheduled to do 6-8.

Since the trails around the area are still snow covered or waterlogged, we were running on closed off sections of road. I was able to run out with the group maintaining about a 10’15 min pace.  I knew the run back I would be by myself and I was not looking forward to it. I also forgot my ipod. Two weeks ago I had to make the same run back by myself and it was miserable.  I had to stop multiple times and was generally defeated.

This week I just gritted my teeth and ran.  And was able to keep at least  9’40 pace for most of the run.  I was going to end up going a little farther than 8, almost 9.  When I reached 8, I walked for a bit to enjoy the scenery!

It was a boost that I needed for my last training run!  I know I will do great next week at the half marathon and be able to finish strong.

Then after stopping for a quick breakfast and coffee at Einstein Bagels (which of course there is no picture for!), I was back up in Baltimore for my lacrosse game!

I play on a club lacrosse team for post collegiate players.  We play in a spring league and tournaments in the summer and fall.  I love playing even though I am not great. And I love the girls I play with!  Sunday was our first scrimmage against CCBC Catonsville.  It was more of a teaching game for CCBC, their coaches were able to stop the game and talk out certain situations.  Running for sports uses a completely different set of muscles than distance running.  Knowing how hard I play  and that I did not want to hurt myself, I was the coach for our team. However, standing in 40° blustery weather for 2+ hours was not good for my poor legs after my long run. 😦 Not one of my smarter choices….

It was fun to get out with teammates! I am so excited its lax season again! Random Pics from the game:

Then it was off to meet up with friends to watch the USA vs Canada Gold medal Hockey game.  I cheered so loud when we scored with 25 seconds left.  It was a real nail biter!  I also indulged in 2 of these:

And split a pizza with the boyfriend.  I also had plans to go to Hot Yoga with the boyfriend later that night. But the beer and standing in the cold all day really wore me down,  I nixed that plan to go to bed at 9 pm! (After a good foam roll session to work out the kinks from standing in the cold!)

Happy March!!

Countdown to Disney: 3 days!

Countdown to Half Marathon: 6 days!!


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