Weather I’ll be Okay?!

My thought process when signing up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon was to get out of the freezing, miserable Maryland weather and run in the warmth and sunshine of Florida.

It did not factor in training in previously mentioned weather.  I have been running in all sorts of weather, extreme cold, rain, snow, ice (on the ground not air!) and wind.  My longest run was in a subfreezing rainstorm.  I KNOW how to run in the cold and how to dress for the cold.

Here’s the problem: I am now use to running in freezing temperatures.  In fact 2 weeks ago, I went out for a run bundled up like usual.  And the temp was in the high 40’s. By the end of my run, I was dripping in sweat and overheated. Currently, I think the perfect temperature to run is about mid-40’s….

Uh, the average temperature in FL right now is 76°. How was I suppose to run in this? My gym isn’t even that warm and I over heat there! I was seriously afraid to get heat exhaustion!

Someone must have been  listening to my gripes!  Currently, there is a cold snap in Florida!  It should about 45° degrees at the start of the half! Perfect running weather!

So Floridians, I apologize you will be freezing your a$$ off this weekend.  But I will be perfectly comfortable all through the race!

Kate’s  5 Tips for Running in the Cold

  1. Dress like its 20° warmer. Yes, it will be hard to get started and you will be cold for the first mile or so.  But it’s better than being soaked in sweat.
  2. Wear something that wicks sweat. Heard it before, but items that wicks sweat keeps you warmer by getting the sweat off your body.
  3. Bring tissues! You nose will run as fast as you are!  Or be ready to blow some serious snot rockets and have disgusting sleeves!
  4. Keep fuel close to you, literally. Frozen Cliff bars or Shot blocks are quite unpleasant. Camelback lines freeze especially easily!
  5. Get Warm Socks! My favorite, Smart Wool, are great because they wick sweat and keep your feet toasty!

Off to find a new outfit!! Hopefully Princess Themed! Less than 24 Hours till I leave!


1 Response to “Weather I’ll be Okay?!”

  1. 1 dailygoods March 4, 2010 at 8:23 am

    hey Maryland girl! I live in Baltimore 🙂 GOOD LUCK in your half!

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