My feet hurt…

is probably not a statement I  say 2 days before the Princess Half Marathon.  Then again, I should know what happens when Dad and I go to Disney!! We love Disney World.

Started off the day with a mug of coffee and half a Larabar:

Dad had to finish up some work, so I went out for a mile run to shake out my legs. Got to wear my running skirt! Though once a Lacrosse player always a lacrosse player, notice spandex hanging out of the skirt:

Ever seen Yes Man? Zooey Deschanel’s character has as a running  while taking pictures group. That’s what I felt like this morning:

When I got back, we went to breakfast.  The food place at the hotel not only has pretty unhealthy food choice but also look unappetizing.  Either a)  I am starting to change my eating habits!! or b) this food is really gross… Hopefully A! Had a decent bagel and cream cheese.

Then we headed here:

Went to the expo:

Got my number and some swag and a skirt to wear!!!

Then off to Epcot!! (‘Dad get a picture of spaceship earth and me!’; this is what I get!)

Rode some of these: (FYI Single Rider Lines Rock! We rode Test Track in about 5 minutes rather than the 60 minutes time posted!)

Saw some cool things! Like a topiary of my fav STITCH!!! Then we went to the World Showcase, where I fail on taking pictures

After some lunch (not picture for a number of reasons, ate in Germany…) Took one of these to Hollywood Studios. When did this change from MGM?!?!At Hollywood Studios we walked in on a parade! I have mentioned I love Disney! And I love parades!

Went on some more of these: (LOVE them! Hollywood Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roll Coaster!!)

And then WALKED, yes walked, back to Epcot. Then walked to every restaurant in the World (Showcase),  quite literally. Not a single one was taking more guest 😦 We ate some Chinese Food… not good.

Saw some great fireworks:

By this point, I was exhausted; my legs hurt and I was thirsty.  There was more walking around to find the bus and then we waited….We finally got a bus back to the hotel.

My legs and feet huuurrt! Dumb plan today and poor choice of flip flops – I know my dad loves Disney too.  We try to stuff as much into one day as we possibly can.  This also means we walk our legs off :/ NOT a good idea. But I can’t do anything about it now,  rest tomorrow is all I can do.

I am off to chug more water, get some sleep and do some yoga stretches!


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Hi! I may be the least motivated person around. I am a 20-something working at my first job in the Computer industry. Just trying to get motivated in life - fitness, health, school, work and every day tasks

2010 Race Schedule:
3/7 - Disney Princess Half Marathon - DONE! 2:10:29
4/25 - Pike's Peek 10k
6/15 - Baltimore 10 miler
10/16 - Baltimore Half Marathon



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