Post Race Blues

Working on the race recap and hopefully will get it out tomorrow! Here is the bling though:

Ugh,  I have heard about people talking about the post race blues but didn’t think I would experience them.  I have been feeling down for the last 2 days and this is the only thing I can attribute the feelings.

I ran a great race, had tons of fun with my dad, met some awesome ladies at a blogger lunch  all at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. What happened?

Tuesday was not a good day.  I got back from Florida late on Monday and basically crashed. I ended up waking up late on Tuesday because my alarm radio was turned all the way down.  After an hour + long commute (usually takes ~30 minutes), I got to work and realized it was staff meeting day.  On staff meetings, we are suppose to wear our company gear and I didn’t have any,  After spending most of the morning going through 250+ emails (I was only gone 2 days?!), I had nothing done.  Basically I spent most of the day staring at my computer, overwhelmed with all the work I had.  AND I had to sit through a 2 hour long staff meeting.

O I also have no food, so I grabbed a Trader Joe’s Rice thingy for lunch… It was gross.

Then, I tried the back up lunch I keep in my desk. It too was gross…

After the staff meeting I got a (free!) beer at Happy Hour and hung out with some awesome co-workers! Made me feel a bit better; cheese fries also may have helped.  I saw this bumper sticker in Disney and want one bad!

Even with the beer, I felt pretty glum all day.  Why though?

First, I had 2 vacations planed in the first quarter of the year (went on a cruise in January) This was the second vacation and now I have nothing to look forward to.   Plus the emotional drainage of the half marathon and Disney world is catching up on me.

Lastly,  as I’ll post about in the race recap,  I got sick right after the race.  Like couldn’t stand up or move ill. As a result, I have NO post race pictures and I wasn’t able to get any merchandise like I wanted. I really wanted a tee shirt or pin or mug that I didn’t get.  My dad and uncle were there and I have no pictures of them.  I didn’t hang around or meet up with any of the other princesses I met.  I didn’t/couldn’t  enjoy what I just accomplished.   That’s what I am most bummed about.   I am hoping that there are some good shots from the photographers on the course to cheer me up!

I have a training run tonight.  This should get my endorphins moving!!  Also, I am going to Whole Foods at lunch, which makes everything better!!


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