Princess PlusDelta

So at my workplace, we don’t use pros and cons; we use pluses and deltas.  These are the  good things and things to change/ work on, rather than bad things. It helps promote change and positive attitudes!

Here are my Plus/Deltas from the Princess Half Marathon:


  • Base mileage While training, I did many long runs, of 8+ miles, and many short runs, of 4 or shorter.  But I was lacking in the middle distance runs, runs between 4 and 8 miles.  Reason why my pace dropped off and I lost steam after the 15k mark.
  • Fuel – Something about the combination of the Gu, shot blocks and Powerade I ingested made me sick.  I need to work on what, how and when I fuel during my training runs.
  • Mind Games – One of the reasons I did not take up distance running before are mind games.  My attitude during runs is usually pretty poor. Since the beginning of my training, I knew my legs could handle 13.1 miles.  My struggled were with my brain! I knew the second half of the race would be boring and let this get to my head.
  • Pictures – If I want to blog, I need to work on taking pictures…. haha!!


  • Finishing Strong – I may have started out too fast and slowed down after mile 9.  My feet were in major pain and I was mentally defeated, when I saw mile 12.  I buckled down and really went hard the last mile, even sprinting the last .1!
  • Pace/ Time – I planned on running under 2:10 or at least 10 minute miles. With Mother Nature dropping 70+ inches of snow on the ground, I was hoping finish under 2:30.  I finished in 2:10:29 and 9:57 min/mile pace!
  • Feeling Great – Well other than right after the race, I felt great! Both the rest of Sunday and Monday! Thinking this was because of the yoga and water guzzling .
  • Having Fun!– I had tons of fun running this race!  Running 13.1 miles wasn’t near as horrible as I thought!

What’s next for me? Post coming tomorrow!!

Random Pictures from the rest of my trip:


1 Response to “Princess PlusDelta”

  1. 1 rundadrun March 14, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Great post! Sounds like you did a great job as those deltas are very attainable. And you had some great pros. Keep up the good work.
    Happy running,

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3/7 - Disney Princess Half Marathon - DONE! 2:10:29
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