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Running Shoe Dilemma

I have issues with running shoes; I don’t like them. It’s my preference to never wear shoe and my Rainbows get year-round use. (Yes, I wear flip-flops in January in MD!)

My Nike LunarGlides got me through training for my half marathon until mile 12 of the race, when I developed blisters under my toe joints.  I was also having issues with pain on the outside of my foot.  And the cushioning was worn out, so it was time to get them replaced.

Long story short, I have been looking for shoes since March.  Since then, I have been running in Nike Free V5, a minimalist shoe.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to run more than 6 miles without cramping in my legs.  After much research, trying on, thinking and debating, I chose the Mizuno Rider 13.  I have a neutral stride and a  mid foot strike, basically a runner’s dream stride.  And my nightmare because no one makes shoes for people who run like me.  We are too rare. While I won’t delve deeply into my shoe philosophy today, I have a hard time finding shoes I like.  The FOUR different running stores I went to recommended the Rider.

So yesterday, I bought said shoes.  The lady ringing me up mentioned they did a store run on Thursdays at 7pm.  Seeing as it was 6:45 and I had all my gear and NEW shoes, I joined in!  I ran about 5 miles at a moderate pace (~9:30) on a fairly flat trail.  The last 2 miles were HELL!  My feet were uncomfortable; I had to stop to re tie the shoes 4 times.  My midfoot and top of my foot was burning. I had to take a couple walk breaks. I will say I was NOT properly hydrated for the run but everything else was

I thought that it was transitioning from the minimalist shoe to a more substantial shoe and as the shoe would break in I would feel better

Then I woke up this morning… I have pain in my hips, knees and mostly feet.  Not a sharp pain, but a dull ache, just enough to be uncomfortable.  I will say that I did not foam roll last night, yet I am normally not this sore after a run. Since these are a new type of shoe and I am use to running in Nikes, I’m unsure if this is normal .  Wondering if the shoes will break in and I am being sensitive or there is an issue.

Honestly, I am really bummed since I spent so much time researching them!

Here is my question:  Is this normal for new shoes, especially for a new type/brand?  Should I keep the shoes try to break  them in or return them?


I <3 Fridays Off!

I work a ‘compressed’ work schedule, meaning I work 9 hour days and get one day a pay period off.  And today was my day off!  What a fabulous day!

It was about 80 degrees and sunny for most of the day! I started my day with a bit of work, Marshmallow Oaties with coconut shreds and hazelnut milk and a cuppa Mate Latte Tea.


Lovin’ the Mate Latte Tea!  Refreshing change from coffee.  I was pleasantly  surprise with my first foray into dairy alternatives with the Hazelnut milk. LOVE IT! And no soy or saturated fat.

After doing some much needed cleaning in the apt, I went for a run.  I ran 4.14 miles in about 36 minutes. A 9:02 min/mile!! WOO HOOO!!

I’ll blame my good times on my new Skirt Goddess Running Skirt!


I was super excited to try this skirt because of the shorts underneath having a 7 inch inseam.  I have issues with running bottoms riding up


This skirt was great, no riding up.   The extra inches on the shorts made a difference.  I loved it and may get another one!   I  also rocked my Princess Half Marathon shirt:


Which is a little big, but wicks like a champ!

After my run,  I grabbed a delicious smoked salmon on bagel thin sandwich with capers. Yummy!!


Then it was off to Hot Yoga at Charm City Yoga! I love this class with Melissa because its more of a Hatha class than a Vinyasa class.  Meaning the positions are held a bit longer and stretch more.  Felt great after my run. 

Following on the Charm City theme, I headed off to Charm City Run to pick up shoes the boyfriend ordered.


The poor sales man… I tried on about 5 different pair of running shoes and the pair I wanted were not in stock in my size :(  At any of their stores.

Ugh, I have such an issue deciding on running shoes.

My evening was pretty much ruined by a soccer game that got rained out, missing the other running store closing by 20 seconds (they turned the Open sign off as I walked up :/ ) and Target being out of pretty much anything I needed.  That was all made up for when I wandered into the liquor store to find one of my favorite brews, Otter Creek Raspberry Brown, on sale for $6!!

I love hanging out, drinking good beer and watching chick flicks!

I have a busy weekend planned, better be getting some rest!!

Running shorts don’t love me

The weather this weekend was gorgeous!  Mid – 70s and Sunny all weekend! I can come up with the craziest excuses of why I can’t go running.  But I had none! I actually ran 3 days in a row.

Friday, my day off, I started out on 4 mile run that turned into a 6.5mile run.  I felt awesome and my splits were at least 30 seconds lower than my normal runs. Took me about hour. Not an hour straight, I stopped the clock for my 2 walking breaks and I had to make a pit stop back to my house after about a mile to change my outfit….

Originally,  I put on the snazzy new running shorts I received from New Balance at Fitbloggin.  Everyone else loved them!  Initially, I did too!  The shorts sat right on my waist, were not too short and had a pocket for my ipod.  Turns out the pocket was too small for my iPod Touch, which I found out after I was out on the road! Fail!

Changed from this:

Shorts look awesome!

To This:

Running Skirt!

I want to love running shorts.  Companies always come out with the cutest colors. Some are even NOT pink! (I have strong feelings against pink workout gear) And they are light and cool in the summer unlike some soccer or lacrosse shorts.

The problem is Running Shorts don’t love me.

No matter what I do, the shorts ride up and bunch.  It feels like I have on a bulky diaper. Though I have no idea how it looks,  it is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. But I bet I look pretty ridiculous!  Each step I take, I think chaf-ing, chaf-ing. I never actually chafe because I turn around and change my outfit.

I have the same issue with running skirts.  The skimpy “compression” short found underneath most skirt ride right up.   In outfit #2 above, I have on a running skirt that has shorts AND Under Armour 7′ compression shorts.

LOVE these!  The 7″ is the only pair I found to stay in place!  I also wore a black pair for my Half Mary underneath a plaid running skirt:

Its close to impossible to find anything that I like and fits and doesn’t ride up.  Even my capris ride up!  The start out on my calves and end up bunched around my knees.   Since the weather warming up, it is becoming more of a problem.  This wasn’t an issue during the winter because I wore tights all the time.   And before last fall, I would wear lacrosse or soccer shorts, usually longer but heavier (aka hotter).

It is absolutely getting on my nerves. I have tried on shorts and skirts of just about every brand out there.  Nothing seems to stay put. Think maybe I will just switch to capris?  I really love the Lululemon Crops but shelling out $86 for crops hurts more than just my wallet.  I ordered this SkirtGoddess Skirt, which has 7′ shorts underneath!  Unfortunately even if it works, they are going out of business. :/

I have been  trying to NOT use fat talk and build a better body image.  Hard to banish fat talk  though when I feel my ‘large’ thighs are the reason everything ride up.  So the other day, I took a long look at my thoughts and my thighs.

I recently read that most women think they are  bigger then they actually are.  I definitely suffer from this!  I took a hard look at other women runners. Guess what?  Most ladies don’t have smaller thighs than me! Yet, they can run  in running shorts and skirts.

Me Thinks my gait and foot landing is the issue with things riding up.  I have neutral landing, meaning I run on the outer edges of my feet. I also run with one foot in front of the other.   This is considered a  more bio-mechanically efficient stride.

So tomorrow when I go on a search for running bottoms, I know it’s a struggle because of how I run NOT because of my body.  It makes me awesome!

Take that Fat Talk!

Princess PlusDelta

So at my workplace, we don’t use pros and cons; we use pluses and deltas.  These are the  good things and things to change/ work on, rather than bad things. It helps promote change and positive attitudes!

Here are my Plus/Deltas from the Princess Half Marathon:


  • Base mileage While training, I did many long runs, of 8+ miles, and many short runs, of 4 or shorter.  But I was lacking in the middle distance runs, runs between 4 and 8 miles.  Reason why my pace dropped off and I lost steam after the 15k mark.
  • Fuel – Something about the combination of the Gu, shot blocks and Powerade I ingested made me sick.  I need to work on what, how and when I fuel during my training runs.
  • Mind Games – One of the reasons I did not take up distance running before are mind games.  My attitude during runs is usually pretty poor. Since the beginning of my training, I knew my legs could handle 13.1 miles.  My struggled were with my brain! I knew the second half of the race would be boring and let this get to my head.
  • Pictures – If I want to blog, I need to work on taking pictures…. haha!!


  • Finishing Strong – I may have started out too fast and slowed down after mile 9.  My feet were in major pain and I was mentally defeated, when I saw mile 12.  I buckled down and really went hard the last mile, even sprinting the last .1!
  • Pace/ Time – I planned on running under 2:10 or at least 10 minute miles. With Mother Nature dropping 70+ inches of snow on the ground, I was hoping finish under 2:30.  I finished in 2:10:29 and 9:57 min/mile pace!
  • Feeling Great – Well other than right after the race, I felt great! Both the rest of Sunday and Monday! Thinking this was because of the yoga and water guzzling .
  • Having Fun!– I had tons of fun running this race!  Running 13.1 miles wasn’t near as horrible as I thought!

What’s next for me? Post coming tomorrow!!

Random Pictures from the rest of my trip:

Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Recap

I had a great time at the Princess Half Marathon, but the one thing that sucked was the wake up time.  I woke up at 3:15am!

Dad and I got dressed and stumbled over to the food court to get coffee.  I planned on having a banana and a Larabar but got a boxed breakfast at the All Star Sports resort.  This included a bagel, granola bar, banana and a bottle of water.  I ate the banana and started to munch on the bagel as we got in the line for the bus to take us to the race.

Caroline and I planned to ride the bus over together.  When I got in the bus line, there was only about 50 people in line.  By the time Caroline got there 5 minutes, the lobby was packed and her and her husband couldn’t find us. 😦

Once we got to Epcot, Dad and I hung around for a bit;  it was chilly, about 45°.  Since I have been training in sub-freezing temperatures, this actually felt pretty nice! I left my camera with Dad, who isn’t a great photographer. Please excuse the blurry pictures!!

I was able to meet up with Caroline and Andrea before the race.  We then trekked to the Start. Yes, trekked! It was about a 20 minute walk! I’m glad I had ladies to talk to and complain with!

Once we got there, we split off to go to our respected corrals.  Me to A and them to E.  I was so close to the Start!!!!

Blurry BB Pic of Start!

[[SIDE NOTE]] The corral placement was wacky!  I was placed in corral A, even through I am not that fast and have never run a half.    Leslie, who re-PRed at 1:51, was in Corral E.  And she signed up early! I heard of no one in B or C.  To top it off, there were walkers even in Corral A!  This was my only real complaint about the race that can be fixed.

After a quick bathroom break, I lined up in the corral, had a Vanilla Gu and chatted with some of the ladies around me. Then a little after 6am, the fairy godmother came out to wish us well! And with a fireworks start, we were off!

Dad's blurry pic of fireworks at Start!

Mile 1-3

Even though I was in the first corral, I still spent the first half mile weaving through walkers and slow runners.  I paced behind a woman in a coral shirt for almost 3 miles and felt great! Even though this part was on the highways, it went by quick! At the first water station, I grabbed Powerade, expecting blue and tasted GROSS lime. UGH!  There was an awesome pirate ship in the middle of the highway, no picture of course!

It was also pretty neat to run through the Magic Kingdom gates, which I don’t have a picture of again….

Mile 3-6

5K split: 30:19

By Mile 4 and the Ticket Center, I saw my dad! He, however, did not see me.  He had taken the monorail  to the ticketing center and was looking for a place to stand.  Some nice man had to chase him down as I was not about to run backwards! There was awesome Japanese drummers, who I wished could follow me. They were keeping a great beat!

Happy to have chased down Dad!!

I then entered Magic Kingdom, still keeping a great pace! In fact I sped up!  We ran up Main Street…

Blurry BB pic 😦 Kind of groovy though~

through Tomorrowland and then through the castle! I loved they had trumpeters right on top of the castle entrance!

Got this taken at the castle. May buy it!

Right after we exited Magic Kingdom by Frontier Land, one of the runners next to me said ‘Here comes the boring part’ .  I think that really stuck in my head the rest of the race.

Mile 6 -8

10k Split: 1:00:13

I saw my dad again  at the Floridan.  He saw me and was ready this time!

I always look this pained while running

Up until this point, I felt amazing.  I had held about a 9:30 pace, walking through the walk stops and taking a few pit stops to take pictures!  Once Dad and I parted ways, I realized there was a looonnng stretch of highway and not much to look forward too.  This really played with my head.  It was also starting to get warm out…

Mile 8 – 10

At about mile 8, I took a 3 minute walking break just after mile 8 to eat some Cliff Shot Blocks.  Looking back, this was a bad idea.  I should have just ate one every 10 minutes.  The first 7 miles are a blur in my head, they went so fast!  But on the open road, I start to plan mind games…

Hit the Pirate Ship again. This time there were actual pirates there! I high fived a Captain Jack Sparrow, who looked a lot like Johnny Depp!

15k Split: 1:31:53

Approaching Mile 10, I saw that we were going to have to run up an on-ramp…

This is how I felt inside....

Mile 10 -12

Since I train on a lot of hills, the actual on-ramp was not that bad.  However, the idea of the on-ramp was mentally killer.  I was mentally dead after the ramp.  I looking in to the  sun, with no sunglasses, my stomach was souring and I still had 3 miles to go… I did not want to panic or totally break down, so I  started 10 minutes running and 1 minute walking. During walking, I would take some deep yoga breaths that  helped significantly.

There was another ramp between mile 11 and 12 and I was not looking forward to it.  As I turned the corner though, I saw the Epcot globe. It put some pep back into my step!

Right before mile 12, I was running downhill and had a shooting pain in the ball of my foot.  My shoes were not tied tight enough towards the toe and  I now have blisters on the underside of my toes.  I seriously considered taking off my shoes and carrying the timing chip across the finish line!

Mile 12- 13.1

Mile 12 was right before Epcot.  I knew I was almost finished so I sped up a bit! The out and back in Epcot was painful and I was trying to push through…

Luckily Meghann was cheering at Mile 13. She had a great sign (‘Run, Blogger, Run’) and it really gave me that last push!  Thanks for the picture, Meghann!

I was able to really push through the last .1! Here’s on of me right after I crossed the finish:

If you look from a distance, I look like I am smiling!

On of the Finish Line when I finished, I am on the right.  Why couldn’t the other photographer get one of me with my arms up??  Instead I got painful face above!

Finished!  My Official Times:

It was great to be done and I was so happy!  The princess crown medal was placed around my neck and my hair glittered!  After I grabbed water and Powerade, I stepped to the side to get out of my now very painful shoes and call my dad.  Then things went downhill fast….

While on the phone with Dad, my stomach started to  cramp .  I was barely able to walk over to meet my dad or drink/eat anything. A trip to the port-a-potties didn’t help.  I sat in the middle of the parking lot for about 20 minutes while my dad went to find my uncle, who got stuck  in traffic and got there after I finished 😦

I think this was a combination of the Gu I ate before the start and the lime Powerade plus the heat and effort that made me so ill.  It did ruin the accomplishment I just had.

Once I was feeling a bit better, Dad, Uncle and I  hopped on a bus back to All-Star Sports to shower and get breakfast.  We ate at the Bordwalk’s Kouzzina by Cat Cora and I had a delicious stacked breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent napping and getting more frozen yogurt at Menchies!

And there was a trip to downtown Disney….

Love Stich! He spited too!

The other day, I posted about the Post Race Blues.  As I was thinking about it last night, it is not really ‘blues’ as much as regret.  Because I got sick, I don’t have ANY post race photos.  I also didn’t hang around to see how people finished or get a finishers tee.  And when I see others race recaps with happy finishers photos, I get a little jealous! I think I am almost over it though

Overall, it was a great race and I learned a lot!  I will definitely be signing up again! Hopefully next year my sister will race with me!

A Big Thanks to My Dad!!! Not only did he come  with me, but he ran around Disney at a ridiculous hour! As he put it, it felt like the Amazing Race!!

Princess Half Marathon Done!

Done!! Finished the half in 2:10:29, technically under my goal time of 10 min pace!

Feeling good now, except for being exhausted from the absurdly early wake up call at 3:30.

Posts to follow on blogger meet up yesterday and race recap.

Wait! It can do what?

A few weeks ago, I began to plan what I would need to carry with me for the Half Marathon. This would then determine what I would wear. Here is the original list I made:

  • Cell phone (I need to find my family/ Facebook and twitter updates)
  • iPod (Usually don’t listen to music, but I might need a mood booster)
  • Camera (Disney characters and Cinderella castles!)
  • Shot Blocks (to fuel)
  • Hair Ties (I live in fear of not having a hair tie with me)
  • Nike + Sport Band (Poor woman’s Garmin!)

And I started to panic.  Where was I going to put everything?  My Spi Belt would probably only hold my phone and iPod; I want my camera  to be easily accessible.  If Mickey or Stitch or a princess pops up,  I need to be prepared!

I could use my iPod Shuffle instead of the Touch, but then it would be difficult to find my favorite running songs. What if I want to listen to an audio book?

The phone could fit in the side pockets of my skirt if I decide to wear it.  But if I wear something different, it may not fit….

And on and on I thought about this, till I almost drove myself nuts.  How simpler would life be if there was no technology? Or if one device did phone calls, music and take pictures!

‘O I thought there is a device like that!’ I thought. Then, I cursed the fact I don’t have AT&T and can’t get an iPhone.

After thinking about this for a couple of days, it hit me. I do have device like this:

My Blackberry Tour

Yes, it took me almost a week to remember my Blackberry does everything. In fact that is why I bought it!  Well except for music, I have always been an iPod fan and never saw the point of music on my phone.

I can sync up my music straight from iTunes. (Or so Blackberry says, I’ll believe it when I see it) I can still play the radio from my phone! I plan to set up the phone to have easy access to the camera, music and twitter!

Oddly enough Apple headphones do not work with my Blackberry…. Strange!


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2010 Race Schedule:
3/7 - Disney Princess Half Marathon - DONE! 2:10:29
4/25 - Pike's Peek 10k
6/15 - Baltimore 10 miler
10/16 - Baltimore Half Marathon



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