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Busy, busy but not for a blogger lunch!

Things have been crazy BUSY the last two weeks. In addition to my normal 40+ hour work week, I have to work on training and  received a new project.  I coach youth soccer and lacrosse AND play on my own team! There is some kind of practice of game almost every night. I coached my first game last Friday! My father, who coached for 30+ years, even came out to watch!!

Also, I am working on setting up 2 new websites, including this blog!  I will be moving to self – hosted soon!! So excited!

Unfortunately, after sitting in front of a computer for 9+ hours a day. I have no interest in coming home to get back on to blog 😦 ,  even though  I write posts in my head during my commute!  If only I could get a WordPress plugin to read thoughts…

On top of the normal day-to-day stuff,  There is  record pollen counts in the air.  I was attacked by a cloud of pollen last week!  I normally don’t get allergies, yet I have been suffering from these weird  painful headaches in my sinuses.  The headaches happened last year at the same time too.  Can allergies cause just a headache with no other symptoms??

However,  I was not too busy to miss a blogger meet-up!

Anne and Lauren set up a blogger meet up in honor of the  D.C. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. There was about 20 of us meeting at Toscana Grill in Arlington.

I decided to metro to the restaurant, since it was right by a metro stop.  The Orange line always trips me up, so I might have gotten on the wrong train and off at the wrong stop!!  I got off one stop too far and showed up a bit late.

When I got there, I was informed Toscana was only serving the vegan menu.  I was starving and craving some protein!! (I am not a fan of tofu)  Though a bit disappointed, I quickly found something I wanted. A Belgian Waffle with blueberries!

Nom Nom!  It was as delicious as it looks!  Not sure if the butter and cream were vegan though?!  I also had some from French Press coffee.  And some blogger-made cookies! There was a Vegan peanut butter made by Anna and a chocolate chip made by Jacquie

Mostly, I enjoyed the great conversation with the other bloggers!  We talked about mean comments, meeting bloggers in person and expectations, the medicine and doctors and all other kinds of great topics! It is such fun to meet people behind the blog and even some readers. This is my favorite part of blogger meetups, to actually get to know people you do know through there blogs!

Group Pic!!

Some of the bloggers that showed up: me, JasmineLauren, Quinn, Heather, Cara, Jacquie, Amy, Anna, Emily, SuzanneMatt, Jordan, Sarah, and Ashley (who hopefully will start blogging soon!)

Sarah, Me, Ashley and Jasmine were all on one half of a table and got to know each other!  The weather was perfect and the company excellent.

After  lunch, I went shopping!  I stopped at Crate and Barrel to pick up some neat things. I also may have caved and got some Wunder Under capris from Lululemon.  Since I’ve worn them almost every day, they were a good purchase! The sales lady said she ran in them during the 90 degree day last week and was fine.  They will be great for running and yoga!

Then I satisfied my fro-yo craving at Yogiberry.  Ever since I was in Florida and had Menchie’s, I have been obsessed! Frozen yogurt cures my sweet tooth, but is at least a bit healthier than ice cream.  I love that all the places have fresh fruit to put on top! I like the oddest combos and can satisfy that at self-serve places!

This yogurt had tart and cookies and cream yogurt with kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut and moochi on top!

It was a great day especially since I was able to spend time with my best friends that night!


Almost Wordless Wednesday – Spring!

I am so happy the weather has been beautiful the last week! Even though its HOT today, low 90s, I am always ecstatic for the first couple weeks of warm weather when things start to bloom…

Green Trees from Office Window!

Flowers on a Hike

Cherry Blossoms in D.C.!!

Makes me want to get outside and run!  Being stuck in an office stinks 😦

Gotta pay the bills somehow…

Pizza Overload

When does a day become a complete healthy eating FAIL?  How many poor food choices make the day unhealthy?  After the bad lunch choice? Before the midnight snack?  With the extra slice of pizza????

Yesterday, I knew I was going to dinner with my best friend from college.  We were going a local microbrewery/ pizzeria, meaning I wasn’t going to get the healthiest of dinners. So I packed myself a lunch, made a huge Green Monster for breakfast and started my day.

Once I get to work, my routine is to make an iced coffee and catch up on blog reading for about 10 – 15 minutes.  How do I make my iced coffee? With this beauty:

Office sized Keurig! My company provides this with many choices of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Yes, my company rocks!

While during said blog reading, I learned it was Free Cone day at Ben & Jerry’s.  And with a store within walking distance from the office, I was in!  I normally don’t eat ice cream,  free ice cream is a different story!

Then I got the following email:

I’m working at Silver Spring today, so I will be hosting an impromptu pizza lunch in Conference Room A starting at 11:30am.  No agenda, just lunch.
President of my Company

Yay, Free Pizza and lunch with the president!! (Again my company rocks!)

I had the pizza for a  lunch. This including a veggie slice… and 2 buffalo chicken slices.    Then I got my free ice cream cone –  Chocolate Therapy.  The whole office went, it was team bonding, right?

Got a 10% off key tag, good for the next year!

And then I went out to dinner, where I ate MORE pizza and beer.  Oh and Garlic Cheese Sticks… I probably ate close to a whole pizza yesterday…

By the time I got home after 9pm,  I wanted a snack.  I stood in my kitchen thinking about my unfortunate food choices over the day.  I could have eaten my packed lunch or eaten all veggie pizza or not gone to free cone day or gotten a frozen yogurt or went to a different restaurant for dinner or not have had a beer.  The choices went on and on.

My next 2 thoughts were:

  1. This is why I am gaining weight
  2. I already destroyed ANY healthy eating today, I may as well  have a chocolate bar.

I KNOW the choices I make are not great.  I have always heard if you have a binge or an unfortunate food choice,  you should get right back on the wagon.  Not to continue to binge!

But how do I get motivated to stop making the changes?  Something that I need to work on.

(Just a note: Last night,  I did decide that I wasn’t actually hungry but thirsty.  I had a big glass of water and called it a night! WIN!)


Hi! I may be the least motivated person around. I am a 20-something working at my first job in the Computer industry. Just trying to get motivated in life - fitness, health, school, work and every day tasks

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