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Post Race Blues

Working on the race recap and hopefully will get it out tomorrow! Here is the bling though:

Ugh,  I have heard about people talking about the post race blues but didn’t think I would experience them.  I have been feeling down for the last 2 days and this is the only thing I can attribute the feelings.

I ran a great race, had tons of fun with my dad, met some awesome ladies at a blogger lunch  all at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. What happened?

Tuesday was not a good day.  I got back from Florida late on Monday and basically crashed. I ended up waking up late on Tuesday because my alarm radio was turned all the way down.  After an hour + long commute (usually takes ~30 minutes), I got to work and realized it was staff meeting day.  On staff meetings, we are suppose to wear our company gear and I didn’t have any,  After spending most of the morning going through 250+ emails (I was only gone 2 days?!), I had nothing done.  Basically I spent most of the day staring at my computer, overwhelmed with all the work I had.  AND I had to sit through a 2 hour long staff meeting.

O I also have no food, so I grabbed a Trader Joe’s Rice thingy for lunch… It was gross.

Then, I tried the back up lunch I keep in my desk. It too was gross…

After the staff meeting I got a (free!) beer at Happy Hour and hung out with some awesome co-workers! Made me feel a bit better; cheese fries also may have helped.  I saw this bumper sticker in Disney and want one bad!

Even with the beer, I felt pretty glum all day.  Why though?

First, I had 2 vacations planed in the first quarter of the year (went on a cruise in January) This was the second vacation and now I have nothing to look forward to.   Plus the emotional drainage of the half marathon and Disney world is catching up on me.

Lastly,  as I’ll post about in the race recap,  I got sick right after the race.  Like couldn’t stand up or move ill. As a result, I have NO post race pictures and I wasn’t able to get any merchandise like I wanted. I really wanted a tee shirt or pin or mug that I didn’t get.  My dad and uncle were there and I have no pictures of them.  I didn’t hang around or meet up with any of the other princesses I met.  I didn’t/couldn’t  enjoy what I just accomplished.   That’s what I am most bummed about.   I am hoping that there are some good shots from the photographers on the course to cheer me up!

I have a training run tonight.  This should get my endorphins moving!!  Also, I am going to Whole Foods at lunch, which makes everything better!!


Princess Half Marathon Done!

Done!! Finished the half in 2:10:29, technically under my goal time of 10 min pace!

Feeling good now, except for being exhausted from the absurdly early wake up call at 3:30.

Posts to follow on blogger meet up yesterday and race recap.

My feet hurt…

is probably not a statement I  say 2 days before the Princess Half Marathon.  Then again, I should know what happens when Dad and I go to Disney!! We love Disney World.

Started off the day with a mug of coffee and half a Larabar:

Dad had to finish up some work, so I went out for a mile run to shake out my legs. Got to wear my running skirt! Though once a Lacrosse player always a lacrosse player, notice spandex hanging out of the skirt:

Ever seen Yes Man? Zooey Deschanel’s character has as a running  while taking pictures group. That’s what I felt like this morning:

When I got back, we went to breakfast.  The food place at the hotel not only has pretty unhealthy food choice but also look unappetizing.  Either a)  I am starting to change my eating habits!! or b) this food is really gross… Hopefully A! Had a decent bagel and cream cheese.

Then we headed here:

Went to the expo:

Got my number and some swag and a skirt to wear!!!

Then off to Epcot!! (‘Dad get a picture of spaceship earth and me!’; this is what I get!)

Rode some of these: (FYI Single Rider Lines Rock! We rode Test Track in about 5 minutes rather than the 60 minutes time posted!)

Saw some cool things! Like a topiary of my fav STITCH!!! Then we went to the World Showcase, where I fail on taking pictures

After some lunch (not picture for a number of reasons, ate in Germany…) Took one of these to Hollywood Studios. When did this change from MGM?!?!At Hollywood Studios we walked in on a parade! I have mentioned I love Disney! And I love parades!

Went on some more of these: (LOVE them! Hollywood Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roll Coaster!!)

And then WALKED, yes walked, back to Epcot. Then walked to every restaurant in the World (Showcase),  quite literally. Not a single one was taking more guest 😦 We ate some Chinese Food… not good.

Saw some great fireworks:

By this point, I was exhausted; my legs hurt and I was thirsty.  There was more walking around to find the bus and then we waited….We finally got a bus back to the hotel.

My legs and feet huuurrt! Dumb plan today and poor choice of flip flops – I know my dad loves Disney too.  We try to stuff as much into one day as we possibly can.  This also means we walk our legs off :/ NOT a good idea. But I can’t do anything about it now,  rest tomorrow is all I can do.

I am off to chug more water, get some sleep and do some yoga stretches!

Made it!

I made it to Disney! It was a longgg day and Disney has no wifi?! WTF! Blogging on the BB….

Work was crazy today and I was working until I left for the airport. And I wasn’t able to get a shake out run in 😦 maybe early tomorrow?

I still don’t know what I am wearing on Sunday…

Hidden Mickey!!

Hidden Mickey!

Weather I’ll be Okay?!

My thought process when signing up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon was to get out of the freezing, miserable Maryland weather and run in the warmth and sunshine of Florida.

It did not factor in training in previously mentioned weather.  I have been running in all sorts of weather, extreme cold, rain, snow, ice (on the ground not air!) and wind.  My longest run was in a subfreezing rainstorm.  I KNOW how to run in the cold and how to dress for the cold.

Here’s the problem: I am now use to running in freezing temperatures.  In fact 2 weeks ago, I went out for a run bundled up like usual.  And the temp was in the high 40’s. By the end of my run, I was dripping in sweat and overheated. Currently, I think the perfect temperature to run is about mid-40’s….

Uh, the average temperature in FL right now is 76°. How was I suppose to run in this? My gym isn’t even that warm and I over heat there! I was seriously afraid to get heat exhaustion!

Someone must have been  listening to my gripes!  Currently, there is a cold snap in Florida!  It should about 45° degrees at the start of the half! Perfect running weather!

So Floridians, I apologize you will be freezing your a$$ off this weekend.  But I will be perfectly comfortable all through the race!

Kate’s  5 Tips for Running in the Cold

  1. Dress like its 20° warmer. Yes, it will be hard to get started and you will be cold for the first mile or so.  But it’s better than being soaked in sweat.
  2. Wear something that wicks sweat. Heard it before, but items that wicks sweat keeps you warmer by getting the sweat off your body.
  3. Bring tissues! You nose will run as fast as you are!  Or be ready to blow some serious snot rockets and have disgusting sleeves!
  4. Keep fuel close to you, literally. Frozen Cliff bars or Shot blocks are quite unpleasant. Camelback lines freeze especially easily!
  5. Get Warm Socks! My favorite, Smart Wool, are great because they wick sweat and keep your feet toasty!

Off to find a new outfit!! Hopefully Princess Themed! Less than 24 Hours till I leave!

Wait! It can do what?

A few weeks ago, I began to plan what I would need to carry with me for the Half Marathon. This would then determine what I would wear. Here is the original list I made:

  • Cell phone (I need to find my family/ Facebook and twitter updates)
  • iPod (Usually don’t listen to music, but I might need a mood booster)
  • Camera (Disney characters and Cinderella castles!)
  • Shot Blocks (to fuel)
  • Hair Ties (I live in fear of not having a hair tie with me)
  • Nike + Sport Band (Poor woman’s Garmin!)

And I started to panic.  Where was I going to put everything?  My Spi Belt would probably only hold my phone and iPod; I want my camera  to be easily accessible.  If Mickey or Stitch or a princess pops up,  I need to be prepared!

I could use my iPod Shuffle instead of the Touch, but then it would be difficult to find my favorite running songs. What if I want to listen to an audio book?

The phone could fit in the side pockets of my skirt if I decide to wear it.  But if I wear something different, it may not fit….

And on and on I thought about this, till I almost drove myself nuts.  How simpler would life be if there was no technology? Or if one device did phone calls, music and take pictures!

‘O I thought there is a device like that!’ I thought. Then, I cursed the fact I don’t have AT&T and can’t get an iPhone.

After thinking about this for a couple of days, it hit me. I do have device like this:

My Blackberry Tour

Yes, it took me almost a week to remember my Blackberry does everything. In fact that is why I bought it!  Well except for music, I have always been an iPod fan and never saw the point of music on my phone.

I can sync up my music straight from iTunes. (Or so Blackberry says, I’ll believe it when I see it) I can still play the radio from my phone! I plan to set up the phone to have easy access to the camera, music and twitter!

Oddly enough Apple headphones do not work with my Blackberry…. Strange!

Last long run!

I had such a nice  weekend!  On Friday, I trekked up to my parent’s house  because the testing center is 10 minutes from their house.  I also got to hang out with my sick sister! And by hang out I mean sit far across the room from her! I am not getting sick before my half marathon!

I also got to hang out with these guys!!

Moose, my 5 yr old Jack Russell, lives with may parents.

Abby is my roommates dog and came with me to visit this weekend!

My roommate usually takes Abby out at 5:30am on weekdays. So I was out of bed to walk these guys by 6:30am on Saturday! Then after a hearty breakfast and some last minute cramming, I was off to my exam.

I passed!

Yay!!!! I am so excited that I am finally done with this Certification and am now a Sun Certified Java Programmer!

Later that night, I trekked from Bmore to DC (a common occurrence!) to pick up my friend Then it was off to Alexandria for a birthday dinner at a Tapas restaurant!  Would have been nice if I remembered to take pictures… Still learning!

Luckily I was able to stay with my friend, since my last long run was 2 blocks from her.

I met up with my training group at 8am on Sunday.  The program is aimed at the National Marathon/Half Marathon so most of the group was doing a long run of either 14 or 22 miles.   I was scheduled to do 6-8.

Since the trails around the area are still snow covered or waterlogged, we were running on closed off sections of road. I was able to run out with the group maintaining about a 10’15 min pace.  I knew the run back I would be by myself and I was not looking forward to it. I also forgot my ipod. Two weeks ago I had to make the same run back by myself and it was miserable.  I had to stop multiple times and was generally defeated.

This week I just gritted my teeth and ran.  And was able to keep at least  9’40 pace for most of the run.  I was going to end up going a little farther than 8, almost 9.  When I reached 8, I walked for a bit to enjoy the scenery!

It was a boost that I needed for my last training run!  I know I will do great next week at the half marathon and be able to finish strong.

Then after stopping for a quick breakfast and coffee at Einstein Bagels (which of course there is no picture for!), I was back up in Baltimore for my lacrosse game!

I play on a club lacrosse team for post collegiate players.  We play in a spring league and tournaments in the summer and fall.  I love playing even though I am not great. And I love the girls I play with!  Sunday was our first scrimmage against CCBC Catonsville.  It was more of a teaching game for CCBC, their coaches were able to stop the game and talk out certain situations.  Running for sports uses a completely different set of muscles than distance running.  Knowing how hard I play  and that I did not want to hurt myself, I was the coach for our team. However, standing in 40° blustery weather for 2+ hours was not good for my poor legs after my long run. 😦 Not one of my smarter choices….

It was fun to get out with teammates! I am so excited its lax season again! Random Pics from the game:

Then it was off to meet up with friends to watch the USA vs Canada Gold medal Hockey game.  I cheered so loud when we scored with 25 seconds left.  It was a real nail biter!  I also indulged in 2 of these:

And split a pizza with the boyfriend.  I also had plans to go to Hot Yoga with the boyfriend later that night. But the beer and standing in the cold all day really wore me down,  I nixed that plan to go to bed at 9 pm! (After a good foam roll session to work out the kinks from standing in the cold!)

Happy March!!

Countdown to Disney: 3 days!

Countdown to Half Marathon: 6 days!!


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2010 Race Schedule:
3/7 - Disney Princess Half Marathon - DONE! 2:10:29
4/25 - Pike's Peek 10k
6/15 - Baltimore 10 miler
10/16 - Baltimore Half Marathon



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