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Running shorts don’t love me

The weather this weekend was gorgeous!  Mid – 70s and Sunny all weekend! I can come up with the craziest excuses of why I can’t go running.  But I had none! I actually ran 3 days in a row.

Friday, my day off, I started out on 4 mile run that turned into a 6.5mile run.  I felt awesome and my splits were at least 30 seconds lower than my normal runs. Took me about hour. Not an hour straight, I stopped the clock for my 2 walking breaks and I had to make a pit stop back to my house after about a mile to change my outfit….

Originally,  I put on the snazzy new running shorts I received from New Balance at Fitbloggin.  Everyone else loved them!  Initially, I did too!  The shorts sat right on my waist, were not too short and had a pocket for my ipod.  Turns out the pocket was too small for my iPod Touch, which I found out after I was out on the road! Fail!

Changed from this:

Shorts look awesome!

To This:

Running Skirt!

I want to love running shorts.  Companies always come out with the cutest colors. Some are even NOT pink! (I have strong feelings against pink workout gear) And they are light and cool in the summer unlike some soccer or lacrosse shorts.

The problem is Running Shorts don’t love me.

No matter what I do, the shorts ride up and bunch.  It feels like I have on a bulky diaper. Though I have no idea how it looks,  it is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. But I bet I look pretty ridiculous!  Each step I take, I think chaf-ing, chaf-ing. I never actually chafe because I turn around and change my outfit.

I have the same issue with running skirts.  The skimpy “compression” short found underneath most skirt ride right up.   In outfit #2 above, I have on a running skirt that has shorts AND Under Armour 7′ compression shorts.

LOVE these!  The 7″ is the only pair I found to stay in place!  I also wore a black pair for my Half Mary underneath a plaid running skirt:

Its close to impossible to find anything that I like and fits and doesn’t ride up.  Even my capris ride up!  The start out on my calves and end up bunched around my knees.   Since the weather warming up, it is becoming more of a problem.  This wasn’t an issue during the winter because I wore tights all the time.   And before last fall, I would wear lacrosse or soccer shorts, usually longer but heavier (aka hotter).

It is absolutely getting on my nerves. I have tried on shorts and skirts of just about every brand out there.  Nothing seems to stay put. Think maybe I will just switch to capris?  I really love the Lululemon Crops but shelling out $86 for crops hurts more than just my wallet.  I ordered this SkirtGoddess Skirt, which has 7′ shorts underneath!  Unfortunately even if it works, they are going out of business. :/

I have been  trying to NOT use fat talk and build a better body image.  Hard to banish fat talk  though when I feel my ‘large’ thighs are the reason everything ride up.  So the other day, I took a long look at my thoughts and my thighs.

I recently read that most women think they are  bigger then they actually are.  I definitely suffer from this!  I took a hard look at other women runners. Guess what?  Most ladies don’t have smaller thighs than me! Yet, they can run  in running shorts and skirts.

Me Thinks my gait and foot landing is the issue with things riding up.  I have neutral landing, meaning I run on the outer edges of my feet. I also run with one foot in front of the other.   This is considered a  more bio-mechanically efficient stride.

So tomorrow when I go on a search for running bottoms, I know it’s a struggle because of how I run NOT because of my body.  It makes me awesome!

Take that Fat Talk!


Pizza Overload

When does a day become a complete healthy eating FAIL?  How many poor food choices make the day unhealthy?  After the bad lunch choice? Before the midnight snack?  With the extra slice of pizza????

Yesterday, I knew I was going to dinner with my best friend from college.  We were going a local microbrewery/ pizzeria, meaning I wasn’t going to get the healthiest of dinners. So I packed myself a lunch, made a huge Green Monster for breakfast and started my day.

Once I get to work, my routine is to make an iced coffee and catch up on blog reading for about 10 – 15 minutes.  How do I make my iced coffee? With this beauty:

Office sized Keurig! My company provides this with many choices of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Yes, my company rocks!

While during said blog reading, I learned it was Free Cone day at Ben & Jerry’s.  And with a store within walking distance from the office, I was in!  I normally don’t eat ice cream,  free ice cream is a different story!

Then I got the following email:

I’m working at Silver Spring today, so I will be hosting an impromptu pizza lunch in Conference Room A starting at 11:30am.  No agenda, just lunch.
President of my Company

Yay, Free Pizza and lunch with the president!! (Again my company rocks!)

I had the pizza for a  lunch. This including a veggie slice… and 2 buffalo chicken slices.    Then I got my free ice cream cone –  Chocolate Therapy.  The whole office went, it was team bonding, right?

Got a 10% off key tag, good for the next year!

And then I went out to dinner, where I ate MORE pizza and beer.  Oh and Garlic Cheese Sticks… I probably ate close to a whole pizza yesterday…

By the time I got home after 9pm,  I wanted a snack.  I stood in my kitchen thinking about my unfortunate food choices over the day.  I could have eaten my packed lunch or eaten all veggie pizza or not gone to free cone day or gotten a frozen yogurt or went to a different restaurant for dinner or not have had a beer.  The choices went on and on.

My next 2 thoughts were:

  1. This is why I am gaining weight
  2. I already destroyed ANY healthy eating today, I may as well  have a chocolate bar.

I KNOW the choices I make are not great.  I have always heard if you have a binge or an unfortunate food choice,  you should get right back on the wagon.  Not to continue to binge!

But how do I get motivated to stop making the changes?  Something that I need to work on.

(Just a note: Last night,  I did decide that I wasn’t actually hungry but thirsty.  I had a big glass of water and called it a night! WIN!)


Hi! I may be the least motivated person around. I am a 20-something working at my first job in the Computer industry. Just trying to get motivated in life - fitness, health, school, work and every day tasks

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