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Blood Donation FAIL

The American Red Cross has  stringent rules for blood donation.  This reduces the risk to both the receiver and donor. Obviously,  the receiver doesn’t want a disease but the donor should not suffer adverse effects from donating.

The process of donation starts with a questionnaire and taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, hemoglobin levels).   During the questionnaire,  it asks all sorts of crazy questions like  general health, sexual contact and countries lived in or visited.

For example if you lived in England for more than 6 months during 1980 -1996, you can’t give blood.   Why? Mad Cow Disease…

Last year for spring break, my family went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. And  because 50 weeks ago I was here…

I can’t give blood until after April 11th because of the risk for malaria. You can’t donate blood for one year after coming back from the topics because malaria can be lurking in your blood.   😦

When they told me this, I was not happy!  After chugging water all day (and visiting the bathroom all day!) and mentally preparing myself to do this, I was disappointed and frustrated.   Maybe a little relieved, though 😉

Again, I know why the regulations are in place.  I understand why they can’t make exceptions, but I was still frustrated.

When I made my appointment,   I specially asked about it, remembering my father couldn’t give blood last summer.  Wasn’t sure if the regulation was for 1 year or 6 months. The person assured me I would be able to donate.

Just to mentally get ready to drain the life force from my body was enough for me, I took them up on the bag of Famous Amos cookie they offered! Then started to re-plan  my night.  I had planned to head, make a larger green monster for the iron and crash for the night.

Instead, I decided to go exploring MOM’s organic market, a place I drive by all the time and never stop at.

From MOM’s About Us page:

We are a community of thoughtful, progressive, hard working people. We are diverse. We strive to understand and learn from our differences. We respect different ideas. We value teamwork and take pride in the result of our efforts

An interesting experience! I will be going back!

The produce was very fresh and organic. Unfortunately, there was not a huge selection and no spinach or mushrooms! They did have loose Brussels Sprouts, which was great because I usually can’t go through an entire bag.

And they had Strawberries for $1.99! I picked some right up!

They also had bulk bins.  I love getting things from bulk bins then never use.  Pick up some rolled oats.And some shredded coconut:Then I saw the Tea! I love tea!!  MOM’s had lots of  Republic of Tea loose tea.  Most places only carry the tea bags. 

I picked up loose Yerba Mate Latte, a tea I have been searching forever for it!  Yerba Mate teas have about half of the caffeine of a cup of coffee.  It’s a nice change from coffee in the morning. Mate usually has a grassy taste, but the Latte has vanilla and cocoa flavors added.

Abby was also interested!! Actually, I think she was more interested in the cheese I was eating….

A good store to go to for specialty items, though I don’t think I could do all my weekly  shopping there. Definitely priced better than Whole foods!

Hopefully I don’t develop malaria in the next two weeks  and get the  courage to go back the Red Cross in two weeks!!



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