I’m Moving!

Hi All,

I have not blogged in almost 2 weeks! I’ve mentioned before I have been super busy this Spring.  Coaching 2 youth teams, Taking on new responsibilities at work, running races and playing on sports teams left me with little free time!  And that free time (and some time stolen at work!) has been dedicated to getting a new bloggie up and running! 

So head on over to KateMotivate.com and check it out!

There will be TWO race recaps, my training plan for the next month, a challenge and a cool event recap going up this week!

My first post on the new blog will be going up tomorrow!


Kate N.


Running Shoe Dilemma

I have issues with running shoes; I don’t like them. It’s my preference to never wear shoe and my Rainbows get year-round use. (Yes, I wear flip-flops in January in MD!)

My Nike LunarGlides got me through training for my half marathon until mile 12 of the race, when I developed blisters under my toe joints.  I was also having issues with pain on the outside of my foot.  And the cushioning was worn out, so it was time to get them replaced.

Long story short, I have been looking for shoes since March.  Since then, I have been running in Nike Free V5, a minimalist shoe.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to run more than 6 miles without cramping in my legs.  After much research, trying on, thinking and debating, I chose the Mizuno Rider 13.  I have a neutral stride and a  mid foot strike, basically a runner’s dream stride.  And my nightmare because no one makes shoes for people who run like me.  We are too rare. While I won’t delve deeply into my shoe philosophy today, I have a hard time finding shoes I like.  The FOUR different running stores I went to recommended the Rider.

So yesterday, I bought said shoes.  The lady ringing me up mentioned they did a store run on Thursdays at 7pm.  Seeing as it was 6:45 and I had all my gear and NEW shoes, I joined in!  I ran about 5 miles at a moderate pace (~9:30) on a fairly flat trail.  The last 2 miles were HELL!  My feet were uncomfortable; I had to stop to re tie the shoes 4 times.  My midfoot and top of my foot was burning. I had to take a couple walk breaks. I will say I was NOT properly hydrated for the run but everything else was

I thought that it was transitioning from the minimalist shoe to a more substantial shoe and as the shoe would break in I would feel better

Then I woke up this morning… I have pain in my hips, knees and mostly feet.  Not a sharp pain, but a dull ache, just enough to be uncomfortable.  I will say that I did not foam roll last night, yet I am normally not this sore after a run. Since these are a new type of shoe and I am use to running in Nikes, I’m unsure if this is normal .  Wondering if the shoes will break in and I am being sensitive or there is an issue.

Honestly, I am really bummed since I spent so much time researching them!

Here is my question:  Is this normal for new shoes, especially for a new type/brand?  Should I keep the shoes try to break  them in or return them?

I <3 Fridays Off!

I work a ‘compressed’ work schedule, meaning I work 9 hour days and get one day a pay period off.  And today was my day off!  What a fabulous day!

It was about 80 degrees and sunny for most of the day! I started my day with a bit of work, Marshmallow Oaties with coconut shreds and hazelnut milk and a cuppa Mate Latte Tea.


Lovin’ the Mate Latte Tea!  Refreshing change from coffee.  I was pleasantly  surprise with my first foray into dairy alternatives with the Hazelnut milk. LOVE IT! And no soy or saturated fat.

After doing some much needed cleaning in the apt, I went for a run.  I ran 4.14 miles in about 36 minutes. A 9:02 min/mile!! WOO HOOO!!

I’ll blame my good times on my new Skirt Goddess Running Skirt!


I was super excited to try this skirt because of the shorts underneath having a 7 inch inseam.  I have issues with running bottoms riding up


This skirt was great, no riding up.   The extra inches on the shorts made a difference.  I loved it and may get another one!   I  also rocked my Princess Half Marathon shirt:


Which is a little big, but wicks like a champ!

After my run,  I grabbed a delicious smoked salmon on bagel thin sandwich with capers. Yummy!!


Then it was off to Hot Yoga at Charm City Yoga! I love this class with Melissa because its more of a Hatha class than a Vinyasa class.  Meaning the positions are held a bit longer and stretch more.  Felt great after my run. 

Following on the Charm City theme, I headed off to Charm City Run to pick up shoes the boyfriend ordered.


The poor sales man… I tried on about 5 different pair of running shoes and the pair I wanted were not in stock in my size :(  At any of their stores.

Ugh, I have such an issue deciding on running shoes.

My evening was pretty much ruined by a soccer game that got rained out, missing the other running store closing by 20 seconds (they turned the Open sign off as I walked up :/ ) and Target being out of pretty much anything I needed.  That was all made up for when I wandered into the liquor store to find one of my favorite brews, Otter Creek Raspberry Brown, on sale for $6!!

I love hanging out, drinking good beer and watching chick flicks!

I have a busy weekend planned, better be getting some rest!!

Busy, busy but not for a blogger lunch!

Things have been crazy BUSY the last two weeks. In addition to my normal 40+ hour work week, I have to work on training and  received a new project.  I coach youth soccer and lacrosse AND play on my own team! There is some kind of practice of game almost every night. I coached my first game last Friday! My father, who coached for 30+ years, even came out to watch!!

Also, I am working on setting up 2 new websites, including this blog!  I will be moving to self – hosted soon!! So excited!

Unfortunately, after sitting in front of a computer for 9+ hours a day. I have no interest in coming home to get back on to blog 😦 ,  even though  I write posts in my head during my commute!  If only I could get a WordPress plugin to read thoughts…

On top of the normal day-to-day stuff,  There is  record pollen counts in the air.  I was attacked by a cloud of pollen last week!  I normally don’t get allergies, yet I have been suffering from these weird  painful headaches in my sinuses.  The headaches happened last year at the same time too.  Can allergies cause just a headache with no other symptoms??

However,  I was not too busy to miss a blogger meet-up!

Anne and Lauren set up a blogger meet up in honor of the  D.C. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. There was about 20 of us meeting at Toscana Grill in Arlington.

I decided to metro to the restaurant, since it was right by a metro stop.  The Orange line always trips me up, so I might have gotten on the wrong train and off at the wrong stop!!  I got off one stop too far and showed up a bit late.

When I got there, I was informed Toscana was only serving the vegan menu.  I was starving and craving some protein!! (I am not a fan of tofu)  Though a bit disappointed, I quickly found something I wanted. A Belgian Waffle with blueberries!

Nom Nom!  It was as delicious as it looks!  Not sure if the butter and cream were vegan though?!  I also had some from French Press coffee.  And some blogger-made cookies! There was a Vegan peanut butter made by Anna and a chocolate chip made by Jacquie

Mostly, I enjoyed the great conversation with the other bloggers!  We talked about mean comments, meeting bloggers in person and expectations, the medicine and doctors and all other kinds of great topics! It is such fun to meet people behind the blog and even some readers. This is my favorite part of blogger meetups, to actually get to know people you do know through there blogs!

Group Pic!!

Some of the bloggers that showed up: me, JasmineLauren, Quinn, Heather, Cara, Jacquie, Amy, Anna, Emily, SuzanneMatt, Jordan, Sarah, and Ashley (who hopefully will start blogging soon!)

Sarah, Me, Ashley and Jasmine were all on one half of a table and got to know each other!  The weather was perfect and the company excellent.

After  lunch, I went shopping!  I stopped at Crate and Barrel to pick up some neat things. I also may have caved and got some Wunder Under capris from Lululemon.  Since I’ve worn them almost every day, they were a good purchase! The sales lady said she ran in them during the 90 degree day last week and was fine.  They will be great for running and yoga!

Then I satisfied my fro-yo craving at Yogiberry.  Ever since I was in Florida and had Menchie’s, I have been obsessed! Frozen yogurt cures my sweet tooth, but is at least a bit healthier than ice cream.  I love that all the places have fresh fruit to put on top! I like the oddest combos and can satisfy that at self-serve places!

This yogurt had tart and cookies and cream yogurt with kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut and moochi on top!

It was a great day especially since I was able to spend time with my best friends that night!

Running shorts don’t love me

The weather this weekend was gorgeous!  Mid – 70s and Sunny all weekend! I can come up with the craziest excuses of why I can’t go running.  But I had none! I actually ran 3 days in a row.

Friday, my day off, I started out on 4 mile run that turned into a 6.5mile run.  I felt awesome and my splits were at least 30 seconds lower than my normal runs. Took me about hour. Not an hour straight, I stopped the clock for my 2 walking breaks and I had to make a pit stop back to my house after about a mile to change my outfit….

Originally,  I put on the snazzy new running shorts I received from New Balance at Fitbloggin.  Everyone else loved them!  Initially, I did too!  The shorts sat right on my waist, were not too short and had a pocket for my ipod.  Turns out the pocket was too small for my iPod Touch, which I found out after I was out on the road! Fail!

Changed from this:

Shorts look awesome!

To This:

Running Skirt!

I want to love running shorts.  Companies always come out with the cutest colors. Some are even NOT pink! (I have strong feelings against pink workout gear) And they are light and cool in the summer unlike some soccer or lacrosse shorts.

The problem is Running Shorts don’t love me.

No matter what I do, the shorts ride up and bunch.  It feels like I have on a bulky diaper. Though I have no idea how it looks,  it is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. But I bet I look pretty ridiculous!  Each step I take, I think chaf-ing, chaf-ing. I never actually chafe because I turn around and change my outfit.

I have the same issue with running skirts.  The skimpy “compression” short found underneath most skirt ride right up.   In outfit #2 above, I have on a running skirt that has shorts AND Under Armour 7′ compression shorts.

LOVE these!  The 7″ is the only pair I found to stay in place!  I also wore a black pair for my Half Mary underneath a plaid running skirt:

Its close to impossible to find anything that I like and fits and doesn’t ride up.  Even my capris ride up!  The start out on my calves and end up bunched around my knees.   Since the weather warming up, it is becoming more of a problem.  This wasn’t an issue during the winter because I wore tights all the time.   And before last fall, I would wear lacrosse or soccer shorts, usually longer but heavier (aka hotter).

It is absolutely getting on my nerves. I have tried on shorts and skirts of just about every brand out there.  Nothing seems to stay put. Think maybe I will just switch to capris?  I really love the Lululemon Crops but shelling out $86 for crops hurts more than just my wallet.  I ordered this SkirtGoddess Skirt, which has 7′ shorts underneath!  Unfortunately even if it works, they are going out of business. :/

I have been  trying to NOT use fat talk and build a better body image.  Hard to banish fat talk  though when I feel my ‘large’ thighs are the reason everything ride up.  So the other day, I took a long look at my thoughts and my thighs.

I recently read that most women think they are  bigger then they actually are.  I definitely suffer from this!  I took a hard look at other women runners. Guess what?  Most ladies don’t have smaller thighs than me! Yet, they can run  in running shorts and skirts.

Me Thinks my gait and foot landing is the issue with things riding up.  I have neutral landing, meaning I run on the outer edges of my feet. I also run with one foot in front of the other.   This is considered a  more bio-mechanically efficient stride.

So tomorrow when I go on a search for running bottoms, I know it’s a struggle because of how I run NOT because of my body.  It makes me awesome!

Take that Fat Talk!

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Spring!

I am so happy the weather has been beautiful the last week! Even though its HOT today, low 90s, I am always ecstatic for the first couple weeks of warm weather when things start to bloom…

Green Trees from Office Window!

Flowers on a Hike

Cherry Blossoms in D.C.!!

Makes me want to get outside and run!  Being stuck in an office stinks 😦

Gotta pay the bills somehow…

Blood Donation FAIL

The American Red Cross has  stringent rules for blood donation.  This reduces the risk to both the receiver and donor. Obviously,  the receiver doesn’t want a disease but the donor should not suffer adverse effects from donating.

The process of donation starts with a questionnaire and taking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, hemoglobin levels).   During the questionnaire,  it asks all sorts of crazy questions like  general health, sexual contact and countries lived in or visited.

For example if you lived in England for more than 6 months during 1980 -1996, you can’t give blood.   Why? Mad Cow Disease…

Last year for spring break, my family went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. And  because 50 weeks ago I was here…

I can’t give blood until after April 11th because of the risk for malaria. You can’t donate blood for one year after coming back from the topics because malaria can be lurking in your blood.   😦

When they told me this, I was not happy!  After chugging water all day (and visiting the bathroom all day!) and mentally preparing myself to do this, I was disappointed and frustrated.   Maybe a little relieved, though 😉

Again, I know why the regulations are in place.  I understand why they can’t make exceptions, but I was still frustrated.

When I made my appointment,   I specially asked about it, remembering my father couldn’t give blood last summer.  Wasn’t sure if the regulation was for 1 year or 6 months. The person assured me I would be able to donate.

Just to mentally get ready to drain the life force from my body was enough for me, I took them up on the bag of Famous Amos cookie they offered! Then started to re-plan  my night.  I had planned to head, make a larger green monster for the iron and crash for the night.

Instead, I decided to go exploring MOM’s organic market, a place I drive by all the time and never stop at.

From MOM’s About Us page:

We are a community of thoughtful, progressive, hard working people. We are diverse. We strive to understand and learn from our differences. We respect different ideas. We value teamwork and take pride in the result of our efforts

An interesting experience! I will be going back!

The produce was very fresh and organic. Unfortunately, there was not a huge selection and no spinach or mushrooms! They did have loose Brussels Sprouts, which was great because I usually can’t go through an entire bag.

And they had Strawberries for $1.99! I picked some right up!

They also had bulk bins.  I love getting things from bulk bins then never use.  Pick up some rolled oats.And some shredded coconut:Then I saw the Tea! I love tea!!  MOM’s had lots of  Republic of Tea loose tea.  Most places only carry the tea bags. 

I picked up loose Yerba Mate Latte, a tea I have been searching forever for it!  Yerba Mate teas have about half of the caffeine of a cup of coffee.  It’s a nice change from coffee in the morning. Mate usually has a grassy taste, but the Latte has vanilla and cocoa flavors added.

Abby was also interested!! Actually, I think she was more interested in the cheese I was eating….

A good store to go to for specialty items, though I don’t think I could do all my weekly  shopping there. Definitely priced better than Whole foods!

Hopefully I don’t develop malaria in the next two weeks  and get the  courage to go back the Red Cross in two weeks!!


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